Committee Membership and Chair

Membership on committees is open to any qualified SAEP member. An updated list of the current committee members’ names and contact information will be maintained by the Executive Secretary and provided to the membership at the biennial meeting. The Chair of each committee will be selected by the President at each biennial meeting and serve for two years or until a successor is named.

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for planning educational workshops for the SAEP, identifying guest speakers, reviewing and recommending parliamentary procedure educational materials and providing continuing education information to SAEP members.

Events Committee

The Events Committee is responsible for keeping the membership informed of the latest trends and issues related to parliamentary procedure competitions for members of the FFA organization or other CTSOs. The committee will also work in conjunction with the Education Committee to educate current or potential judges for parliamentary procedure events. The committee will assist the Executive Secretary in maintaining a list of qualified judges for state and national parliamentary procedure competitive events for the National FFA Parliamentary Procedure CDE Superintendent.

Accreditation Committee

The duties of the Accreditation Committee are to administer the accreditation program and develop guidelines and policies for the Accredited Parliamentarian Examination and the Professional Accredited Parliamentarian Qualifying Seminar.

Membership on the Accreditation Committee is open to any member who is designated as an Accredited Parliamentarian or Professional Accredited Parliamentarian.

Nominating Committee

A Nominating committee made up of three members will be appointed by the President 120 days prior to the biennial meeting. The Nominating Committee shall submit a list of candidates for President, Vice-President, and Executive Secretary to the Executive Secretary no later than 60 days prior to the biennial meeting.

Special Committees

Special Committees may be appointed as deemed necessary by the Executive Board.